Woke up after a good sleep.

Tea and toast.

Headed out for a wee run.

Ran up to and around the golf course and back to make it a five mile run.

Back home and had the breakfast. We headed out to the Convention Center to go and see what was on offer at the “Bizarre Bizaar” Had a good look around in there. Some great items on offer.

Next we headed over to Starbucks for drinks and a snack


Then time to hit the movie theatre now operated by Imagine Cinemas.

We went to see “The Night Before”

I had hoped it might be better but it wasn’t.

Headed home and Natasha picked up dinner at Dups.

Had a grand dinner followed by dessert with me wifey.

Bed will follow along somewhere later this night.

Oh but first. I had an image reported to the Facebook Police.



Even though I had nice comments and likes



They had to do the right thing