December 2015

Headed off to TG Tacoma again

Elder and I more caulking. 






Inside for my last lunch of the 2015 in the heated cafeteria.
Finished out the day and headed out.

Went to Sears and bought a lightweight down jacket.

Natasha arrived soon after.


We went over to Sushi Tengu for the dinner. Then Big 5 to get Natasha gloves for the morning. Then QFC for a few provisions.

Headed down town and parked at The Benaroya Hall. Then headed on over to Starbucks for some Peppermint Mochas. Back to the Benaroya Hall and we enjoyed them there.
We went inside when the time came to see The Seattle Symphony do Beethoven’s glorious Symphony No. 9 and to ring in the new year.


It was a grand show and went by at a good clip. After we hung around for the countdown and had a champagne toast to rang in the New Year there.




Went to the TG and worked at the Baker Center. Elder and I at it with the sealing the face of the building where needed.


Dinner with me Natasha

Went to The Jet for the Trivia Night. Phil, Brenda, rode up with us. We met Rick and his friend Bill there. A nice night and we came in second this night.


Woke up so so

Headed down to the office today and worked on waterproofing the east side wall with caulking and metal flashing.
Went to Atlas for supplies that I will need in Tacoma tomorrow.


Put on the dinner. Ate when the good Natasha got home.

Watched some more “The Man In The High Castle”

Still keeping my attention.

Woke up alive at least.

Headed to Tacoma G again. Today I worked in the Linen Room getting drywall on the windows. Then removed a lot of the ducting up high. Chris helped me for the day.

At home Natasha arrived and we had the dinner. Then dessert while we started into a new TV show. “The Man In The High Castle”


And it isn’t bad at all right now. Off to an interesting start at least.

Woke up tired.

Ate a huge breakfast. Followed by cake.

Passed away the morning in a coma type state.

We headed up to the Law Office to do a few odds and ends. Then over to West Seattle. We stopped into Starbucks for the last of the Christmas Drinks. Then over to see Scott and Kristine.

We are here to see the Seahawks beat the St. Louis Rams. It was great to see Scott and Kristine where we exchanged Christmas gifts. Then the other people arrived to see the game. Jeremy and Krystal followed by Tatum and Dude. Then Sean and Jodi. We ate a pile of good food and watch the Seahawks get beat 23-17

Home and ate another colossal dinner followed by a large portion of ice cream. We watched a movie. “Bone Tomahawk”


It was barely okay.

Now I lay in bed and if I wake up alive tomorrow I will begin my healthier lifestyle again.

Woke up still stuffed but alright.
More strada. Lazed around for a while. Then I went out and finished the brake job. Erin came over to work on the yard. She was looking good and had a nice new to her truck. She is doing great and we are well proud of her.

Natasha and I went over to the Law Office. Then over to Cinebarre to see “The Big Short”
A well made movie and well explaining the Housing Bubble. Lunch and the contraband was also good.



Got ready to leave. Paid Erin and we headed on over to Brenda and Mitch’s for the dinner and games. Mitch, Brenda, Natalie, Thea, Marshal, Wyatt, Ody, Matt and Phil were all aboard this evening.

We had pizza ala Romio’s and a salad that Brenda made. We played Apples to Apples for a while. Then Scattergories for a while. We finished up with a game of Charades to finish the night. A good time here this evening.


Now playing Nintendo to end the day.

Up early.
Ate more of the strada for breakfast followed by lots of chocolate.

We started into our first movie for the Christmas Day. It was “Joyeux Noel”
Always liked this one. A classic

We had nachos for lunch followed by way more chocolate. Then on goes “Love Actually”

Always liked this one as well.

Christmas dinner went on. Realta and Steven came over. We ate the mashed potatoes, the Celebration Roast, the stuffing, the gravy and the brussels sprouts and cranberry sauce.

A great conversation followed. We had apple pie and ice cream for dessert. The kiddos left later on. We relaxed an hour or so away and then off to the bed.


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