I forgot to mention that yesterday morning I woke up early and watched a movie. It was called “Suspension”


It was actually okay for the time I watched it.

Woke up and relaxed the morning for a while. Headed to the shop and picked up the scanner. Went to Hitachi and scanned in five locations. Once I was done I headed back to the shop. As I was crossing the I-90 floating bridge a fellow in a red car hydroplaned sliding sideways along in front of me and then backwards until he hit the concrete barrier in the middle and eventually came to a stop. This slowed me down a bit.

Returned the scanner and headed for Tacoma.

Chuck and I on the lift finding the leaks in the building. Made a repair list and headed back to Seattle. Stopped into Atlas and bought material we needed for the repair in the building.

Home, shower and out the door again. We went downtown parked and headed over to The Cheesecake Factory for dinner. Phil, Matt and Robert H were all out in the group this night. Had a grand dinner and dessert.

We headed over to the ACT after to see “A Christmas Carol”


Another good production this year.

We headed out after and off home. A grand day indeed.