Woke up tired.

Ate a huge breakfast. Followed by cake.

Passed away the morning in a coma type state.

We headed up to the Law Office to do a few odds and ends. Then over to West Seattle. We stopped into Starbucks for the last of the Christmas Drinks. Then over to see Scott and Kristine.

We are here to see the Seahawks beat the St. Louis Rams. It was great to see Scott and Kristine where we exchanged Christmas gifts. Then the other people arrived to see the game. Jeremy and Krystal followed by Tatum and Dude. Then Sean and Jodi. We ate a pile of good food and watch the Seahawks get beat 23-17

Home and ate another colossal dinner followed by a large portion of ice cream. We watched a movie. “Bone Tomahawk”


It was barely okay.

Now I lay in bed and if I wake up alive tomorrow I will begin my healthier lifestyle again.