January 2016

Woke up grand.

Had the breakkie. Then got ready for the day.


We headed on over the I-90 and met with Philippa and Matt at the Outlet stores. Rode over to Little Si Trail Head together.
We went on a hike up the hill to the top.


We stopped into the outlets and bought a few items on the way back.

then into Subway for lunch.

Another stop at Costco for provisions and then home.

Had the dinner in the evening and watched a movie. “The Best Of Me”


A good enough film but had a shite ending, even for me.

Our Christmas Card photo from last year has being looked at nearly 17,000 times.

me on the Facebook earlier.


Woke up with a headache.
Natasha made a breakkie of pancakes. Passed away the morning putting music on my Walkman. This was fun too.

After lunch we headed over to Sundance to see a movie “Jane Got A Gun”


This was a good movie as well.

After the movie we went up to Rich’s to look at gas fireplaces for the TV room. Talked to a nice fellow there and we found one we liked. Got it for 10% off and talked him into giving us another 3% before we bought it.

At home we had dinner and then watched a movie called “Preservation”


This was shite.

Went to bed late and I hope I can have a few hours sleep now.

Woke up fecked from the eating last night.

Down to the shop and picked up the scanner. Back to Met M and scanned all day long again going over with me time. Got a lot done. Took the scanner back to the shop and signed out.

At home I made dinner for me Natasha. Once home we ate and then settled in to watch a movie. We watched “Solace”


This was a good movie as well.

Dessert went in during the movie.


Woke up early and passed away the hours before I headed to work. Did get to watch a film. “Captive”


It was okay for the early morning.

Down to the shop and picked up the scanner. Headed over to Met Market Magnolia for the day. Scanned in many locations all throughout the store. I had Juan A. stand guard when he was able to do so. Got a lot done and headed back to the shop.

Got ready and headed over to the office for the Winter Toast. Chatted to Bill. Doug and Michael for a while. Then time to make the entrance came. I walked my way through talking to different people. Then chatted with Tim S for a wee while as we snacked. I met Steve A who I hadn’t seen in a few years. He was in great form. Was delighted with the news we shared. Lisa H came along and I chatted with her for ages. She was in great form talking about the old, present and new days. I gave her the tour of the building. I continued on visiting and chatting to other people there for a good while longer. Met many new people and developed a friendship with them in minutes. At the dawn of the night Lisa got me again and we chatted with a grand girl who was Irish by decent with a connection to the Murphy clan. Great chat with her. Then the time to depart came and off I went.

Natasha was in bed when I got back but we had the chat.

Woke up after a good sleep.

Headed to Tacoma. Worked on the bathroom at MBCHC for a while and then the Cafeteria.
Headed to the office for the ACE meeting.

Headed home.
Natasha and I went to Enat for dinner.

Relaxed the evening after that.


Woke up after a good sleep.

Headed over to Bellevue. Chuck and I worked on our stuff for a few hours. Then finished up the Bartell’s store. I went over to the Everett Clinic in Shoreline and did the remainder of our building inspection.

Went to the gym and worked out on the elliptical for 45 minutes. Then hit the weights followed by some time in the sauna.

Back home to me wifey. She arrived in right after me. I got the castle a ready for the get together this evening. Matt showed up right after us. Snacked away for a while. Then Philippa showed up. Soon after Doug arrived. We all introduced ourselves to him.  Last in was Robert. We chatted and ate the evening away. Watched photos on the TV with explanations from Doug. Had the tea and dessert to finish out the night. We are closer to booking tickets now as well.


Woke up after 6 hours of sleep but was tired as fuck from me body digesting the food all night long.

Headed to TG Tacoma. Morning meeting, stretch and flex. I worked on sanding and putting on the last coat of mud on MBCHC bathroom. Then cleaned of the tiles to get them ready for reinstall.

On site today were Matt, Tim, Lynell, Boyd, Nicholas, Burt, Chico, Kurt, Shane, Ariel and Billy.

Headed out of there right on time. Stopped off at the gym for me working out on the way abhaile. 40 plus minutes on the treadmill and then sauna and hot tub to finish out me evening.

At home I put on the dinner for me Natasha and myself.

Booked a stay in Vancouver in February.

Now a nap.

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