Woke up early after an okay sleep.

Started watching the Imelda May Show online.


Then Natasha got up so I put on my robe got out of the bed and we chatted away. Had the breakkie.Natasha had to do some work and headed out. I decided I would start in on watching some movies.

I started with American Heist.


It was an better than okay movie. I liked it.

Next up was Heist


This was indeed good also.

Natasha came home and we had lunch.

We got to see Creed together next.


Another good movie.

We started in on watching The Making Of A Murderer on the Netflix.


We watched many episodes in a row. I thought they were dragging out a story that they could have done in one or two episodes and was getting bored. We stopped the show and looked it up on line. Whoosh, in 30 seconds we had the story under our belt.

I removed my robe and went into the bed. Finished the Imelda May show that I had started in the morning.