Passed away the morning like I do.

Off to Tacoma General I go. Got to talk to me pal Deirdre C today for the first time oin over 30 years. This was a treat and was so natural it was like we just hit the ground running. “FRIENDS”
Put another coat of mud on the MBCHC boys room wall. Worked on sanding the wood in the cafeteria. Met up with the lads in the Linen Room. Finished out the day in the cafeteria removing our existence from there.

I-5 to Northgate and into the 24 Hour Fitness I go. Got more of a burn in and then hit the hot tub pool and sauna to finish. Talked to a pianist Robert there tonight a nice spirited man on the slide to 70. Another chat to a lovely fellow from Nepal. He was a hiking guide when he lived there We had a good talk about his homeland. He was so happy when I told him we were there and all we saw.

Home and had me dinner.

We started into a movie called…………….feck I forgot the name now. Tomorrow it will hit me.