Woke up laying on my back after five hours in the same position I went to sleep in. I know this because the laptop was still sitting on my chest burning hot.

Usual morning stuff. Then I headed on down the I-5 to work. I had me pal DD in my ears the whole way. Had the morning meeting with the lads. Chico, Ariel and Boyd all on hand this day. Stretch and flex and off to work.

Loaded up me car with stuff and headed over to MBCHC.Mudded up the wall.
I had to head over to Whole Foods for a meeting but ran into the Wal-Mart to get some items of clothing on the way.

Pulled into the parking lot of the market. Waited for me time to meet too arrive. Went inside. Blah blah blah, the meeting went well. Then Bryce, Mike from the mechanical company hit the roof. Found some areas of the leak , Bye bye and headed back to TG.

Had lunch with the lads and then we organized the boiler room to end out the day.

Got home pretty fast. Stopped off to pay Erin for doing the garden. Then over to the gym. Did the old elliptical and then some of the machines.

Headed home once I was done. Took the longer drive home.

I made the dinner for ourselves this day. Had a grand chat with the Natasha as we ate. We had the dessert as we finished Parental Guidance. It was just okay. We started into “The Danish Girl”  next.


I am liking this one.