February 2016

Up and at them.

I headed to the office and worked there for a while. Then headed off over to Met Market Magnolia after I picked up the protection board at Atlas. When I go to the job I installed the produce and cleaned up. Went back to the shop and worked on an estimate with Tim A. Finished out the day and headed home.

Stopped into the gym and worked out. Natasha arrived before I had left. Always nice to see her there.


Put on the dinner for us.
Had the dessert as we watched a movie. “Standoff”


It was barely okay.


Woke up after a good little sleep.

After breakfast I headed up to the law office with Natasha. I inspected a roof on another office building for Linda. Then went to the 24 Hour Fitness in Ballenger for my workout.
Home for a shower since it wasn’t a Superclub.

We headed on down to see Matt and Philippa. We had a great soup lunch ala Matt and then planned the trip to Kilimanjaro some more. We narrowed down some of the companies and will go the Lemosho Rout now.

Back to Seattle.
I finished a movie I had started a couple of days ago. “Criminal Activity”


It was a good one and all.

Natasha made a great frigging sweet potato Thai curry soup for dinner.

We had ice-cream and a flake for dessert while we watched the Oscars. Followed by some popcorn later into the evening. The Oscars were alright this year. Some surprising to me wins and losses.


Woke up grand.

Had a great breakfast ala Natasha,


We went over to the Gym and worked out.

Stopped into Subway for a sandwich after, Then we went to Trader Joes for provisions.


Went down to the UVillage and into Menchies for frozen yogurt.

Then headed on down to the ShoWare Center in Kent to see Seattle take on Everett again in the ice hockey.

This night we beat the Silvertips 1-0.



Woke up early as usual. Passed away hours and hours before heading over to Met Market for the day of labor.

Installed the Koster KBE on the positive side of the wall below grade. Got the two coats on during the day. Had a Starbucks tea and worked on three files with Chuck in between drying.


Had the dinner and dessert. We watched a movie. “Our Brand Is Crisis”


This was a nice film to watch and all.


Worked in TG for five hours and then headed to the Home Depot and Atlas too get materials for the job tomorrow.

Met with Don at the Met Market Magnolia. Laid Juan out and headed off.

Stopped into the gym for me workout.

Watched the Republican debate and made the dinner followed by the dessert.


Woke up grand shur.

TG today





Woke up after a good rest.
Passed away the morning doing me usual stuff. Then headed back to TG Tacoma. I worked on finishing out the gym there. Then kept busy until time to head back to Seattle. 

Stopped off at the office and got Tim A working on a bit for me. Then headed on over to Met Market Magnolia. Met with Chris L and we went through the wall that needed to be coated.

Off home and I get straight into cleaning off the roof and pruning the trees back away from it. Put out the usual laundry detergent to prevent the moss growing. Started in on pruning a whole pile more and loading it into me truck.

Then blew off the walkways and back deck. Went inside and made me dinner. Natasha arrived home and after dinner I dyed her hair for her. I made the crepes for dessert. Then we watched the last episode of Season 10 of the X-Files.   

Now I will try and nap.

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