Woke up early.
Had the tea and cookies to get started. Passed away the morning relaxing. After 9 we headed out for a walk about. We stopped into the IGA for tea along with a bagel and cream cheese.

Then headed off on the walk some more. We went down to the ScotiaBank to remove money from a hole in the wall. Then we walked across the Granville Bridge and over to Granville Island. We went into the shops and the market there.

Time for lunch came and we had a bowl of veggies. Later on we shared a Cinnamon Record. Watched a fellow entertain the crowd with balloon sauce. We rode the little ferry back across to the other side when we were done here.

Back to 608 at the hotel. Had the run cake that we purchased last night for a further dessert.


We went back out for a walk about in the rain and for dinner. We went on over to the “Taste Of India” and had our dinner there like we have done for around 20 years. After dinner we strolled on through the streets and back to the hotel after stopping into  few shops.
We watched “Secrets In Their Eyed”and had dessert.


It was good.

Here are some PHOTOS of our day.