Woke up early after a good sleep.

Lazed around. After a few cups of tea
happywe went down to the IGA for breakfast.

After that we drove over to Costco to buy a few items to take back home to the US with us.

Back at the hotel we went and had a cuppa. Headed on down to Gastown for a walk next.

Stopped into many stores and visited the sights to be seen. Did stop into “The Old Spaghetti Factory” for lunch as we often do when we are up here.

Wandered on back along the streets and went into “Trees Organic” for a white chocolate raspberry cheesecake. This was one of the best I have eaten in all my days.

Continued on our road back towards the hotel after this and we found the Faubourg café where we bought the macarons when we had Magali here with us. So in we go and we buy a gwall of them.

Back to the room and devour the macarons. Pass away the evening and we have the dinner from the IGA. Watch a movie to end the night. “Extraction”


Here are some PHOTOS of our day.