Woke up after a good rest.
Passed away the morning doing me usual stuff. Then headed back to TG Tacoma. I worked on finishing out the gym there. Then kept busy until time to head back to Seattle. 

Stopped off at the office and got Tim A working on a bit for me. Then headed on over to Met Market Magnolia. Met with Chris L and we went through the wall that needed to be coated.

Off home and I get straight into cleaning off the roof and pruning the trees back away from it. Put out the usual laundry detergent to prevent the moss growing. Started in on pruning a whole pile more and loading it into me truck.

Then blew off the walkways and back deck. Went inside and made me dinner. Natasha arrived home and after dinner I dyed her hair for her. I made the crepes for dessert. Then we watched the last episode of Season 10 of the X-Files.   

Now I will try and nap.