March 2016

Up and at them. I went to the gym early in the morning to get it done.

Went to work at the Bastyr. Finished out everything there., Cleaned up the garbage and candlesticks, then took them all back to the shop.

Worked on me laptop doing the billing and time for a while. Finished out my day there.


When Natasha arrived we headed straight downtown and parked. We then walked over to The Crown Plaza to meet with Liam Hickey who I hadn’t met in almost 30 years. We met in the lobby. Met his good wife Kimbasue.

We went over to the “Elephant And Castle” for our dinner. We sat and talked about old times for 4 hours and had smiles and aches on us as we left. A great visit and time was had by all. Catching up was great.



Home and off to the bed.



Up and relaxed many hours away. Gave Natasha the morning awake call.

Went down to the job at Bastyr and worked like a md man until I got to a good ending point. Lined everything off and got it to a safe space before I left.

Stopped into the gym and worked out. Watched Culture Club and Queen stories on me phone as I did so. 


Loaded on a couple loads of laundry.

Natasha picked me up and we went down to Menchies for dessert.
Once back home I made the dinner. We chatted until time for the bed.

Woke up early.
Headed on over to NWH for a roof scan. Marked out two locations for the cores to go in.

Then back to Bastyr for a day of caulking. Chick helped for a while. We went to Starbucks at the Wallingford QFC for the drinks and chat.

Back to work. Finished out the day and then I headed on to the gym. Got a grand workout in and then into the spa and hot tub for a while.


I made veggie burgers for dinner.

Passed away the evening and then off to the bed.

Woke up early and passed away the morning.

Then headed on down to Bastyr for the day of labor. I pressure washed the side walk where needed and cut out the caulking at all the joints. Chuck had come to help me when he could. Finished out the day well and headed for the gym after.

At the gym I did the old Elliptical for 65 minutes and then started into doing another few minutes until my Natasha arrived. We chatted for a wee bit and then went our separate ways.

I went home and put on the dinner from yesterday in the reheat oven. When Natasha finished and got home we ate dinner. Passed away the evening doing the odds and ends. And on the Nintendo.

I liked this one.

Woke up after a grand sleep.


Watched The Ray D’Arcy Show. Jon Kenny was on it.

We passed away the day relaxing. Then we went down stairs and watched the last of “The Fall” Season 2. It was a good ending. Looking forward to seeing the new season once it is ready.

We ate our Easter dinner of spuds, carrots, onions, cauliflower au gratin and a Field Roast Holiday Harvest. Fecking great.

We started into watching “Forsaken” after dinner and had dessert during it.


The movie was okay but the apple pie and ice cream was better.

Finished out the day like I had started. In my bathrobe. A grand relaxing Easter Sunday.

Woke up after a good sleep.

Tea and a bagel.

We went over to Thornton Place to see a movie. “My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2”

Fucking good one. You will have tears of happiness and sadness in your eyes.

We went to Tengu Sushi for lunch.

Natasha popped up to the office and I cut away at the plants on the driveway for a few hours. Talked to Carmen for a while.

Natasha went out with the girls and I watched some stuff from me laptop to the TV. The Late Late Show


and The Ray D’Arcy Show


Christy was on this one.

Natasha came home and we chatted for a while.

Woke up tired.

Headed off down to The Food Lifeline. I started in on coating the door. Then half way through it I got a call from Chuck. His van was broken into and stuff robbed. I headed on down to Allenmore and took over for him there.

I met with Pete Ryan and we worked off the man lift for the most part of the day. Inspected the building where needed. We had a great chat and he is truly a lovely fellow.

I headed back to the Food Lifeline after I was finished. Finished out the job and headed home after an extra hour added to my book.

Natasha arrived back home and picked me up. We headed on down to Kent to see the Ice Hockey Playoffs. Parked and walked through the Kent Station looking for a place to eat. Met Phil, Matt, Marci, John, Stacey and Chris there. They were waiting to go for dinner. We chatted for a little while. Then Natasha and I headed over to “Extreme Pita” for our dinner.

After we were done we headed on over to The Showare Center to see the game. Tonight we are here to see the Seattle Thunderbirds take on Prince George Cougars.

We take our seats and the game starts. This was the first game I got really into. We were tied at the end of the 3rd period so we went into a sudden death of 20 minutes. We scored a goal half way through the period and won the game 3-2

Home and bed.

Oh and here are a couple photos from the week past.



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