Woke up early and passed away the morning.

Headed to the office and picked up the scanner. Headed on over to see Bill B. at Bartells WS. Scanned multiple locations there and then headed back to the office. Worked on the bid some more. Headed on over to the job at Boeing Field to meet with the Facility manager there. Fran, he was a lovely man. I did the work I needed to and drew up plans and measurements of what I needed. Then headed on over to Fast Flashings to get it made up.

Stopped into Fred Meyers for a few provisions. Then home and did a few odds and ends. Last but not least I headed on over to the gym. Got me workout in and Natasha arrived again before I left.

At home we had dinner, dessert and watched the Super Tuesday results coming in. I was glad Hillary did so well. I also did like that Donald Trump was doing good for the republicans.

Now what?