Woke up grand.

After the morning activities I headed to the shop. Picked up the scanner and headed down to the job at Allenmore. I scanned 54 locations. Met with Michael there. Also Jose was there we had a quick chat. It had been some time. Made my marks and headed out.

Back over to Tacoma General and worked along side Boyd for the rest of the day. Drove the slow drive back to the office to return the scanner and finish out my day.


Had a grand dinner ala Natasha and then we went down to relax by the fire and eat Godiva chocolates. Started in on a movie and it was so so. Hope to finish it tomorrow.

Oh ya. The fellow came by today and installed the face in the fireplace down stairs so another new years goal was completed today.


Lynell sent me the results of the quiz she got the other day.