Up early.
Passed away the morning as usual. Then off to Tacoma.

Boyd and I started the day building panels. Then Chico and I finished out the day removing the cabinets from the Doctors office.

Got off a wee earlier since I had a bit of extra time worked this week. Headed home. Had a gwall of tea and soda bread.

Headed up to the Law Office and we headed from there to Vancouver. Stopped off at Bellis Fair Mall for dinner. Had the Mongolian there from the place we normally get it. The name was changed and the original owners were gone and lost a $1.3 million lawsuit to their former employees. The new lady there was so nice and gave us two free bottles of water.

Crossed the border in a second and then made the slow drive into town. Crossed the Lionsgate Bridge and Stopped into the market for some dessert items. Checked into the Grouse Inn and got the room 215.

Now what.