Woke up early as I do. Passed away the bit of time watching Hozier on the Late Late Show. Followed by Richard Gere. Listened to music as well. 
We headed over for the cup of tea and the breakfast. Back to the room and got ready to head out.

We drove on over to the Lonsdale Quay Market. Walked around there for a bit. We bought hot cross buns from a nice lad at Cobs. Then we headed over to the IGA for a cup of tea.

We headed over to the Waterfront Park and relaxed with the cuppa and buns.

When done we walked around for a while. I built an Inuksuk man as I do. 

Back to the car we go and off to the Stanley Park. We go to our usual haunts at the park. Have a good bit of fun here.

After an hour or so we head into town. We park in a garage on Robson and go over to the Capstone Tea and Fondue place for our afternoon tea. A couple cups if tea with a whole array of different bite sized snacks. Very nice indeed and we didn’t leave hungry.

Headed back to the 215 at Grouse Inn. Picked up dinner at the Capilano Market. Had another grand chat with the Persian woman there. We relaxed a while and then had the dinner. Got ready and headed out again.
Crossed the Lions Gate Bridge into town

and out over the Burrard Bride out if town. We drove west towards Jericho Beach Park then and stopped off at Starbucks for tea.

Had a couple of cookies for dessert. When finished we headed over to the Jericho Arts Center to see the Musical "Cats".

Took our seats and the show started. Wow, great cast, great production and music. This was a in your face great version. My feet tapped and body moved through the the whole show for both acts. We met up with some of the cast after.

Headed back to the 215 at Grouse Inn and lights out zzzzzzzzzzzzz.