Woke up tired.

Headed off to Tacoma for the day of labor. Boyd and I at the panel building and Ariel helped at times.

Finished out the day and headed off to the gym on the way home. I watched the first hour of “Elvis” the movie as I did the elliptical.

I saw this movie when I was a lad and my dad bought me the soundtrack. This was back in the late 70s. Still as good as then.

Home and we got ready. Natasha and I headed on down to the Triple Door to see “Lunasa” in concert.

Got our seats and ate a great dinner and had ginger tea to boot. Dessert of the chocolate torte which is always good.

The band came on and did a marvelous job of playing. However not as good as I had hoped. One more time of seeing them and I will be a fan I am sure.

We headed on home after the show and off to the bed.