April 2016

Woke up early and passed away the morning.

We headed on over to Starbucks for some drinks as we headed off on the road to North Bend.

We arrived at Mount Si Trailhead and parked. Natasha took off on the hike and I took off 22 minutes after her. I caught up to her at mile 3 of 4 and we walked/chatted our way to the top. I had ran earlier to get a bit of a workout.

Had a chat and look about at the top.


Then back on down again to the bottom.

We stopped into Taco Time for lunch. Ran around to a few stores this day looking for the odd pair of shorts and the like. No luck.

At home we relaxed and then had dinner. Went downstairs to watch “The Walking Dead-Season six”


The dessert tonight was cupcakes and gelato for my Natasha’s birthday.

Now a nap may help me.


Woke up grand.

Headed to the job. Worked all day on the odds and ends.
Got out of there right on time this day.

Stopped into a few stores looking to buy shorts to wear to the gym and the like. None that I liked anywhere.

Natasha arrived back and we went down to the U-District. We went to TNT Taqueria for dinner. Then QFC for dessert. Finally across to the Guild 45th to see “Sing Street”


The movie was alright but just alright.

Now a nap.

Woke up early and headed to the shop. I picked up the dump truck and took it to K2. We completely filled the truck to the brim. I took it back to the shop and packed the slot walls into Tim’s truck and Jeff’s truck. Took them back up to the job and unloaded them.
Tim took me back to get my car at the office. Had a quick bite at Randy’s. Worked a long day at the job and got out of there later than planned.

Stopped into the gym on the way home. Natasha arrived before I was done.

At home we watched the end of House Of Cards Season 4. It was good.

Woke up early and headed down to work for 5.

Got the lads going and was busy all the day long. Got off the job right on time.
Stopped into the gym on the way home. Then home for the dinner.

Natasha and I headed on downtown and parked. We went into Starbucks for drinks and a snack. Once time came we went over to the 5th Ave Theater to see Kinky Boots.


Took our seats and wow, what a great production. Put it back on the map of being one of my favorite shows again.


Woke up and passed away the morning until time to head out came. Was at the shop by 4 to pick up the dump truck. Back to the Market on Broadway and de-mobed the place. Back to the shop and unloaded all the tools and the like.

Back to the job and got the painters going. I finished the railings and caulking the access panels. Cleaned up all the garbage. Got Billy F’s fellows laid out and the job moved along smoothly for the most part after that.

Natasha picked me up on Capitol Hill and we headed off for Kent. We went to the Pita place at the Station for dinner and then into the Thunderbird game at the ShoWare.

The game was tense and we went all the way to the end on edge and we scored to win the game 3-1 against the Kelowna Rockies.

Picked up my car on the way home and off to the castle.


Woke up early and grand.
Had the breakkie and all that. Headed down to the Broadway Market for me day of labor. Met Bill L. there and we went over the closing of the job. I laid the painter out and then I did my own work.

Straightened out the railings and did the caulk and backer rod joints with sand fill in two locations. Got cleaned up and headed home after a 10 hour day. Stopped into the gym on the way home. Natasha was there and we had our goofy chat as we do.

Got the workout in and then home for the dinner. We watched more of the House Of Cards season 4.


Woke up after very little sleep.

Worked on removing the files from the the other two old desktop computers this morning. Headed over to the gym for me workout.

Stopped off at QFC to get provisions for lunch. I cleaned up the house for a while and did some laundry. Matt picked Natasha and Phil up downtown and they came home for lunch.

I made the lunch and we went to work on figuring out the Kilimanjaro Trip. Worked on that for a few hours as we ate.

Finally after some time we bought tickets for the flight to Tanzania.

The family left and Natasha and I watched a movie this evening “The Boss”


Not so bad or good.

We had a couple of desserts and then time for the evening tom go on the books.

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