Got up and passed away the morning doing odds and ends for many hours. Then at 8 am I started to get ready to go down and see Julie for a run or a cup of tea at LFP.

We went for our first run together in 107 days. Had a great old chat about life and raising kiddos. Got a 3.5 miler in and then we went to Starbucks for tea and a chat. Om the way out the door we were talking about the Acupuncture Therapy but I had to go so this will have to come up in further conversation.

I raced home into the shower and back out the door again with Natasha. We went down to the Temple Beth Am to go to Ben’s Bar Mitzvah. Went inside and met Robert along with Nelly.  A quick chat with them and then we went to a seat. Met Catherine M for the first time and she sat with us. The service went along well and was so nice. Great stories, traditions, singing and dance. It eased my pro Palestine heart a lot. Socialized for a while after but we had to go.

Headed on over to “The Watershed Pub” later on for lunch. It was a grand lunch served by a grand girl. Stopped into QFC on the way home for dessert.

Home and ate that dessert.

Later on we went down too the Civic Club at LFP for Ben’s Bar Mitzvah party. Met Robert and Nellie there again. It was well put on and catered by Cactus. So good food, drinks, desserts, stories about Ben, comments from his family and friends of family. I talked to many near the time before we left to make my mark on them.