Woke up after a couple hours of sleep. Passed away the morning as I do. Then packed up and headed on down to the shop. Picked up the dump truck and took it to K2 before 4am. Billy and I then brought our garbage down and loaded it up. I returned the truck once done. Talked to Mark S. at the office for a wee bit.

Back to work and had a grand day of it. I had to take the printer back to the office and get a new one as ours was on the blink.

Stopped into the gym on the way home and worked out.

Natasha arrived home after I did and we went straight down to Madison Park and into “Café Flora” for our 20 year wedding anniversary dinner.  Had a great meal.

We stopped off at Safeway on the way home for a few provisions and dessert.

Watched House OF Cards some more while eating dessert to finish out the night.

Now hopefully a nap.