Woke up tired but got going. Headed on down to the job after the breakkie.

This day I cut all the metal framing for our bleachers from 4am to noise down time of 7am. We went across the road for the usual breakfast at the “Fresh Table Café”.

Built the bleacher platform for the rest of the day. Then the time to go to our State Of The Company meeting came. I changed into my running clothes in the garage and took a ride with Tim to the museum. Like any good political party, the State Of The Company looks great. It ended two hours later and I Ran from the museum to 550 Pike. I felt alright after this and all.

Headed on over to Fairview to go to my other meeting but I had the time mixed up and ended up missing it. No harm, I headed home and had a snack along with dessert with me 20 year bride. We watched more House OF Cards.

Now I wait to get tired.