Woke up and passed away the morning until time to head out came. Was at the shop by 4 to pick up the dump truck. Back to the Market on Broadway and de-mobed the place. Back to the shop and unloaded all the tools and the like.

Back to the job and got the painters going. I finished the railings and caulking the access panels. Cleaned up all the garbage. Got Billy F’s fellows laid out and the job moved along smoothly for the most part after that.

Natasha picked me up on Capitol Hill and we headed off for Kent. We went to the Pita place at the Station for dinner and then into the Thunderbird game at the ShoWare.

The game was tense and we went all the way to the end on edge and we scored to win the game 3-1 against the Kelowna Rockies.

Picked up my car on the way home and off to the castle.