May 2016

Up and at them.
Headed to the Sammamish. Elder, Chico, Brady and I at our waterproofing. Had the safety meeting followed by the foreman meeting. Then applied product on the building for the rest of the day. Finished out good.
Natasha and I went to Tengu Sushi for dinner and eat a pile.
At home we passed away the evening with desert and the like.


Woke up okay enough and got up out of the bed even better.

Passed away a few hours.
Talked to Eamon back home. Talked with Adrian as well in Africa.

We went to Cinebarre to see “Captain America” and have lunch.


The movie and food was good.

We stopped into QFC for provisions on the way back. Met Bridgie P in the parking lot and we had the chat.


Dinner ala Natasha.

Dessert followed along with game one of the Stanley Cup. Pittsburg beat San Jose 3-2 and we are hoping for San Jose. 

Iced the fuck out of me back and now I am freezing. Chatted to cousin Patricia on the Facebook messenger. 

Up early of course. Made the way out of bed quicker this morning.

After breakfast I loaded up the back with Tiger Balm. Took 3 Advil and then headed out. We drove over to the Outlet Stores parking lot and met up with Philippa and Matt there. We drove on over to the Mount Washington Trailhead and got ready for the hike.

I put the back brace on and headed off up the trail with the gang. My plans were to go as far as I could bear with the pain and turn back to rest up in the car for the gang to finish their hike. I just toddled away up along. Had a great conversation with Matt that helped me get more ground covered. Finally we made it up to the summit. I was so happy that I made it that far. Walking slow helped.

We had our eats and drinks before heading back down. Today it rained all the way up and down with no sights to be seen along the route. A grand up to 12 mile hike though all the same.


Once we got back to the car the sun came out. We stopped into “Chang Thai and Pho” in North Bend for lunch.

Back to the Outlets and we said our goodbyes. Natasha and I stopped into the Safeway for provisions ion the way home. Had the dinner and desserts,. Then we started into a movie and I promptly fell asleep in the couch

Woke up a wee later and went to the bed. 

Woke up early. Took a bit of time to get up.

Passed away the morning relaxing on top of the heating pad. This worked wonders for my back and lowered the pain.

In the afternoon we headed on down to Matt and Phil’s to meet up with Pat and Aileen to talk with them about their trip to Carcassonne. I had the heated seat on the whole way down to ease the back pain. When we got there I was hurting still getting out of the car. Marci, Philippa, Aileen, Pat and Matt were there.

We had the cuppa followed by a great spread of food and ended with a pavlova made by Philippa that was to die for. We had a great time and chat there. Time to head home came of we made our way back to the castle. We were still too full to have any dinner but we managed to eat dessert at least.

Crawled to bed. Found a comfortable position and nodded off eventually.

On this day it took me a long enough time to get out of bed but quicker than yesterday. I did make it into the shower this day as well. Also I got me underwear and pants on, Natasha however had to get my socks on.

Headed for the Sammamish and into the foreman meeting. Worked on odds and ends all day mainly with Elder. We got to leave the job around 3 since the memorial day weekend is here. Chico and Brady worked on the job and not the WRB crew separate today due to rain.


Natasha arrived home with Tiger Balm, a back brace and a heating pad for me. Well M&M’s as well. We had dinner and the dessert ,

Crawled to bed

Woke up unrested.

Took a lot of time getting out out of bed. Couldn’t take the shower. Natasha dressed me into my underpants and jeans. Had breakkie.,

Headed on over to the Sammamish. Got out of the car slowly and got to tie my shoes. Had the foreman meeting and then went to work. I got Brady in the lift with me and the other lads worked on the east side.

Chuck came out later on and gave me his back brace and some IcyHot. Finished out the day alright,


Lay on a bag of ice on the floor. Natasha made dinner.

After dinner we watched “Dream House”


It was alright.

Next up we watched “Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers-Running Down A Dream”


Real good.

I made my way to bed very slowly.

Woke up nice and early feeling great.

Had the breakkie and the like. Headed on over to Sammamish today. Talked with Tommy back home on the way in.

30 minutes into my day I went to lift an extension ladder and fucked up my lower back. I managed to work away for a while. Then had to head on down to the foreman meeting at 7:30. As soon as I started to get up to go out my back was in so much pain. I walked like an old man up the side of the building in so much pain.

I got my day started and worked away all day with the old pain going down my legs and hips. I kept Brady with me in the manlift on the east side. Elder and Chico worked on the West side.

Headed on home after the day was done. I found it terrible to get out of the car and straighten up after the long drive home. Managed to get inside and the boots off. I lay on a pad of ice on the floor for a couple of hours. Natasha made me the dinner and I scrambled up to the table.

After the dinner I lay on the couch and we watched “Mary Queen Of Scots while we had dessert. After episode one was over I crawled off to bed. Now I lay here trying not to cough as the pain is not good.

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