Woke up about two hours later and headed down to work. Got there before 3am and the truck with all the doors and glass was there. The glass fellows arrived a wee later and they carted all the material up to the 3rd floor. Later on I went to the shop and got the dump truck. We loaded it up and then I returned it.  Had a busy day doing many odds and ends. 
Headed home after up on 13 hours working, 
Turned around and back down to Kent to see the game 4 of Seattle Thunderbirds and Brandon Wheat Kings. We went into the Thai/Pho place for dinner. Then over to the game. Got free Western Championship tee shirts upon entry. 
We had dessert as we watched the game and oh my, what a game. We lead from the start and broadened the lead to 6-0 and Brandon scored a goal at the end so we walked away with a 6-1 win. Very happy.