Woke up early. Took a bit of time to get up.

Passed away the morning relaxing on top of the heating pad. This worked wonders for my back and lowered the pain.

In the afternoon we headed on down to Matt and Phil’s to meet up with Pat and Aileen to talk with them about their trip to Carcassonne. I had the heated seat on the whole way down to ease the back pain. When we got there I was hurting still getting out of the car. Marci, Philippa, Aileen, Pat and Matt were there.

We had the cuppa followed by a great spread of food and ended with a pavlova made by Philippa that was to die for. We had a great time and chat there. Time to head home came of we made our way back to the castle. We were still too full to have any dinner but we managed to eat dessert at least.

Crawled to bed. Found a comfortable position and nodded off eventually.