June 2016

Woke up after 4 hours and passed away the morning chatting with Mary. I went out for a three mile run. Stopped in to see Patricia M on the way through town. Talked to a girl working there who let me know Patricia was off for the next couple of days. The girl was truly lovely. She was from Germany married to a Chec, Lived here for fifteen years and has two kids. A truly lovely like I said girl named Vera.  Later on I went up to see Sheila Bugler. We sat and chatted for four hours. I then went down to see Joey and Darrin at Joey’s. We had a quick chat and met Jamie Walsh there as well. Annett Long came in and told me to stop over for the tea. I said I would. Sure enough I stopped over and saw her and Mike for the wee chat. Went to see Sheila Hogan but she wasn’t home. I
I headed over to Marie’s to meet the gang. Bridget, Brian and Meredith were there and the dinner was served. Chatted away and I ate the pavlova times two and Marie also got me a Catch bar.
Headed down to see the gang at Jackos later on.
Met Joanne, Terry, Dermott and Eamon once I went in. Talked to Joanne for a while, she was looking great. Talked to Dermott about the old days. Soon after Marie, Bridget, Brian and Meredith arrived in. More to come in through the evening were Ann M. Paul B, Maura & Geraldine,  Eileen,  Mary,  Claire, Pete, Aine, Jim, Gabby, John Loftus,  John Long, Mike H, Michael and Frances O,  Paul Mac, Patricia O, Mary O and Jessie O, Jason Ryan and maybe I missed someone. A grand evening it was even with me being a bit of a recluse at times.


Made the longer road back to Tulla. When I got there Mary was up and the dinner ready. We chatted away until bed time arrived after the one am hour. A long great day.
Wednesday 29th.
Woke up after a straight four hour sleep.  I headed off to Limerick to meet up with Claire L. Made the way into the Strand Hotel and we met on time. Sat in the restaurant having the tea and scones for four hours. I drove her back home when we were done. Said the long Irish goodbye. MY kiss on the lips for Ireland and off I went.
Back to Tulla. Mary and I then headed off to Kilrush to see Marie. We went to Tescos for some biscuits. Once at Maries we had tea and apple cakes along with the cookies and a great chat. She was in great form. I did some odds and ends for her before we left. Raced on back to Tullla where we picked up holly and headed on over to Eamon and Karen’s for the dinner.
After we were done with a great feast in the shed Eamon and I headed on over to Vincent Fennessy’s for the visit. He had dome a great job with the house remodel and he himself was looking great. We chatted for a long time until a knock on the door came. It was Holly, Catherine and Jessie (Patricia O’C’s daughter). Patricia was over at the house to see me like we had planned earlier. Back to the house. Patricia was looking good and we kissed. Another one for Ireland. We talked for a great while and all was well. I was happy that she took the time to pay me a visit.
We headed on back to Tulla when we were done.

Went over to Tuamgraney and met Jean Madden (Bugler) at the handball alley. We went for a run in the wood road and back out. Finished off by running down the dock road to the dock. It had been five years since we ran together in this country. We had a great old chat. After we were done we headed on over to the Gala for a cup of tea and a apple cake. Chatted there until after 10am. Met Tony O’Brien there and had the chat. On the way out we met a fellow that came over to say hello. It was Eamon Moloney who I had known from me childhood days when he came home from England. His father Sean (Seamus’s brother) was there as well. Said the good byes to Jean and we headed off. I went out the Feakle Road to Eamon;s. Had the shower in the shed.
We headed straight off for the national school. Matthew and Catherine were in a play and had their graduation here today. The play a modern version of Oisin went great. Met Padraig Giblin there. Dan Treacy, Michael Slattery, Damian O’Brien, Niamh and Siobhan Wiley, there while we had the tea afterwards. We headed out after a while.
I stopped down to see Paddy Doyle for a while. Met his son Keith. We had a great chat about the old days. Time went by quickly. Then I gave him comics from our childhood days and left. Headed up to see Marie O next. We had the tea and chat. Killian, Conor and Alisha were there as well. Headed out after a while. Next I headed over to see Terry C. Arrived there and was welcomed by Terry, Mary, Allison and Anna. We had many cups of tea and cake. After up to six hours of chatting and planning to leave I headed off for Whitegate. I was so happy with the visit.
Arrived out to Tommy after nine pm. We had tea and the plate of treats. Met Ciaran and Cathal there as well. Chatted away for a few hours and Carmel came home with Caitlin. The chat continued into the midnight hour. I gave Tommy comics of our childhood and off I went.

Landed in Heathrow. Went through immigration and into the terminal. Took the bus over to terminal 2. Stopped into “Leon”and had a tea with an egg and mushroom muffin. Talked to Mary for a while on the phone. Had a sandwich, chips and a coke later on. The four plus hours went by quick.
Boarded an A320 operated by Aer Lingus and headed off for Shannon. Landed about an hour later. Went through the Airport to the Eurocar desk. Got a Hyundai I160. Headed off out. Stopped into see Aidan White at his house. We talked for a grand while. A great man.
I said me good byes a couple of times and headed off. Drove through the roads of me childhood to Tulla. Mary was there and delighted to see me. Michelle and Holly were also home. We had the tea and chat. Passed away some time and then we headed in to Ennis.  We went into the Car shop and got a sim card for my iPhone. Went into Dunns doe some items. Back to Tulla and later on we went over to see Eamon and Karen. Had the tea. James, Matthew and Catherine were also there. Passed away the evening here and off we went.
Back at Mary’s to end the night with tea and the chat.

Up early. Packed for my trip. Natasha made me a grand breakkie. We headed to the airport and said our lonely goodbyes. I boarded the Boeing 747-400 operated by British Airways. I watched a ghost type of movie but forget the name now. I will try and remember in the coming days. months or years.

And watched “Victor Frankenstein”

This was a good make of it. 

Onboard I passed into the new day.

Woke up early and passed away the morning.
We headed on over to Exit 32 on the 90 to hike Rattlesnake Ledge. We did it up in less than an hour. Then headed back down. Stopped off at Subway for a sandwich in North Bend. Then we went shopping at the outlets.
Home for the shower and a quick clean up of the home.
Matt, Philippa and Linda arrived so we could go for lunch. Soon after Bridget and Brian showed up. It was a nice gathering. After B&B left we headed up to Enat for lunch. A grand chat followed. Then we went up to see an open house on 155th.
Phil headed for Plain and the rest of us went back to the castle for tea and biscuits.
In the evening Natasha and I went shopping over to TJ Max and Big 5. Then we went to the Gyro Hut for dinner.
Home and continued to pack for my trip tomorrow.
Bed very late.

I worked alone today trying to get stuff finished up before my trip. Worked like a mad man until I was shut down in areas I went to.
Natasha and I went over to Gordito’s for dinner but when we got there it was closed. We forgot about the gas leak explosion in the neighbor hood a few months ago. A lot of places still closed there. We went up to the Munch for dinner instead. Then into Safeway to get dessert items.

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