Woke up early.
Loaded up the car and headed off for the border. Crossing over was seconds.
We stopped at Squamish for breakfast at the White Spot.

Drove on into Whistler after we were done and went straight over to the
“Scandanave” spa.

We relaxed here for hours and had lunch as well.
We finished up and headed back to the condo. This time we are back at number
32 in Valhalla again. Marci and Cara were already there. I put on the tea.
Had the chat as the people started showing up. Tory and his pregnant (due
August 1) Ella showed up next. Last but not least Philippa, Matt, Linda and
Tim arrived. They are staying over in 41.

Later on we head up to get out race numbers. We all go into the Spaghetti
Factory for dinner served by a fine girl from Southampton who didn’t like
egg salad sandwiches.

Back to the 32 and we pass away the rest of the night until sleep took over.