Woke up grand.
Headed over to Brezza Condos for an investigation. Met with Tim and I went to work in the lobby. Opened the ceiling. Then flooded the upstairs deck to see if I could get it to leak on the inside. After the four hours I covered the opening and left. Tim will moniter it.

Then I headed back to the Sammamish for the rest of the da.
Elder and I at it all day on the extra work in the window openings. Finished out the day grand.

Headed home. Realta was there and we started chatting away until Natasha came home. We went over to Aray’s  for my birthday dinner. It was grand.

At home we had plenty of dessert for me birthday treat.

Realta and I went over to pay Erin for the gardening she did at the house here. We had a chat of course.


Fell asleep quickly in bed.