Woke up grand.
Went to the office for the day of labor.
Did a demobe with Dave at the Bartell’s West Seattle. Went to Safeway for a Starbucks and a bagel with Dave and Bill B.

Put ends on the baloney cords for a while. Went shopping to Home Depot wit Dave earlier and Chuck later.


Natasha arrived and we went to Enat for dinner. Then to Target for a few items. Went over to Home Depot to get a air nozzle to pump my bikes tires,


Pumped the tires on the Giant. Took it for a test ride around the neighborhood. Then sprayed the chain and gears with WD40. Threw the bike in the back of the pickup and went inside.

At the end of the night I decided to try and pack what I might need for the TRI tomorrow. I am so underprepared it is not funny.

Bed and couldn’t sleep for feck.