Woke up very early with about two hours sleep under me belt. Decided I would head on down to the Triathlon in Kent after all.
Here is what I wrote in the Facebook about it.

This morning, after two hours sleep, I headed down the I-5 in my pickup with a thirty-year-old mountain bike thrown in the back like an interrupted poop. I was about to attempt my first triathlon. I pulled into the parking lot beside all my future fellow athletes. With my stuff in a plastic shopping bag hung on the handle bars of me bike, I walked the quarter mile to the starting area along side people with bikes worth thousands and beautiful bags with everything perfectly packed in them. I registered, paid the fee, walked to the bike corral, and waited. My beautiful and very knowledgeable pal, Marci, coached me on what to do before we took off. I haven’t swam for a distance before or rode a bicycle in years and off we went. All went well, and I did manage to complete my first one. A happy fellow I am, indeed.

— at Lake Meridian Triathlon.

I have received 122 likes on this and 32 comments so far. Anyway I had great fun chatting to Marci along the way and I headed on home with my medal and a smile on my face.

A quick shower then Natasha and I headed on over to Cinebarre for lunch and a movie. The movie this day was “The Nice Guys”

It was alright.
In the evening we headed on down to Matt and Philippa’s to spend the night. Chatted the evening away over tea and sandwiches.
Then the bed time arrived