Woke up early and passed away the morning.
We headed on over to Exit 32 on the 90 to hike Rattlesnake Ledge. We did it up in less than an hour. Then headed back down. Stopped off at Subway for a sandwich in North Bend. Then we went shopping at the outlets.
Home for the shower and a quick clean up of the home.
Matt, Philippa and Linda arrived so we could go for lunch. Soon after Bridget and Brian showed up. It was a nice gathering. After B&B left we headed up to Enat for lunch. A grand chat followed. Then we went up to see an open house on 155th.
Phil headed for Plain and the rest of us went back to the castle for tea and biscuits.
In the evening Natasha and I went shopping over to TJ Max and Big 5. Then we went to the Gyro Hut for dinner.
Home and continued to pack for my trip tomorrow.
Bed very late.