Landed in Heathrow. Went through immigration and into the terminal. Took the bus over to terminal 2. Stopped into “Leon”and had a tea with an egg and mushroom muffin. Talked to Mary for a while on the phone. Had a sandwich, chips and a coke later on. The four plus hours went by quick.
Boarded an A320 operated by Aer Lingus and headed off for Shannon. Landed about an hour later. Went through the Airport to the Eurocar desk. Got a Hyundai I160. Headed off out. Stopped into see Aidan White at his house. We talked for a grand while. A great man.
I said me good byes a couple of times and headed off. Drove through the roads of me childhood to Tulla. Mary was there and delighted to see me. Michelle and Holly were also home. We had the tea and chat. Passed away some time and then we headed in to Ennis.  We went into the Car shop and got a sim card for my iPhone. Went into Dunns doe some items. Back to Tulla and later on we went over to see Eamon and Karen. Had the tea. James, Matthew and Catherine were also there. Passed away the evening here and off we went.
Back at Mary’s to end the night with tea and the chat.