Made the longer road back to Tulla. When I got there Mary was up and the dinner ready. We chatted away until bed time arrived after the one am hour. A long great day.
Wednesday 29th.
Woke up after a straight four hour sleep.  I headed off to Limerick to meet up with Claire L. Made the way into the Strand Hotel and we met on time. Sat in the restaurant having the tea and scones for four hours. I drove her back home when we were done. Said the long Irish goodbye. MY kiss on the lips for Ireland and off I went.
Back to Tulla. Mary and I then headed off to Kilrush to see Marie. We went to Tescos for some biscuits. Once at Maries we had tea and apple cakes along with the cookies and a great chat. She was in great form. I did some odds and ends for her before we left. Raced on back to Tullla where we picked up holly and headed on over to Eamon and Karen’s for the dinner.
After we were done with a great feast in the shed Eamon and I headed on over to Vincent Fennessy’s for the visit. He had dome a great job with the house remodel and he himself was looking great. We chatted for a long time until a knock on the door came. It was Holly, Catherine and Jessie (Patricia O’C’s daughter). Patricia was over at the house to see me like we had planned earlier. Back to the house. Patricia was looking good and we kissed. Another one for Ireland. We talked for a great while and all was well. I was happy that she took the time to pay me a visit.
We headed on back to Tulla when we were done.