July 2016

Made it back to our room.


Passed out cold. 
Woke up four hours later at 4:30. 
Lazed around until 8:30 where we go over to the breakfast and briefing. We meet with a girl named Grace after breakfast and she goes through the hiking details with us. 
We sit around taking until near noon.  Back to 301 for a few minutes and off we go. We walk nearly 4 miles into Moshi. We get confronted by the fellows selling the crap along the way. In town we see the summit of Kilimanjaro. It looks like a terrible beauty down at us. Pop into the supermarket for a few supplies that will take us up through the first day of the hike tomorrow. We grab a taxi back to the Mountain Inn for five bucks. 
We relaxed at the room for a while. Later on we went out to the garden and watched the sun setting over the ceiling of Africa. Back to the room to get ready for dinner. Philippa came to get us and we went over to their place. Chatted for a wee bit and then we headed over for the dinner. Had a pile of food and chatted the evening away. We had talked to many people today who had done Kilimanjaro and all said it was very difficult, all but one at least. A grand woman from Alaska said it was an alright hike except fir the cold and the long long time on your feet on the summit day hike. Also Natasha laid mention if a woman from Alaska was complaining about the cold, it must be real cold.

We checked if our bags had made it from Amsterdam and we were told Matt and Philippa had three bags that made it and only one of ours has. We went over to our room and Susan said she would let us know if she heard anything more.

We were laying on our bed when we heard something ringing, it was Susan on the phone to Philippa giving her an update in the bags. Phil came over and let us know that our three bags now had made it but still only three out of their four had made it. It would be another 24 hours before we would hear about their last one. The trek might be off for tomorrow.


We laid awake until our bags showed up right before midnight.  Matt and Philippa came over and we discussed the trip plans.


We landed in Amsterdam and connected right away to the next flight. We boarded the Boeing 777 operated by KLM and off we go.
Onboard I watch "Dirty Grandpa" loosely.

Other movies followed where I nodded on and off through them. Are more food. We landed in Kilimanjaro airport and stood in lines for hours and hours to get visas, go through the immigration and then to report out bags not making it. 
We were picked up in a van by a fellow named Alan who works for Shah Tours. He took us to The Mountain Inn and gave us some landmarks along the one hour drive from the airport. 
We met with Susan and Aisha at the reception who were waiting up for us. We got room 301. We met up again with Matt and Phil at the restraint. We had our dinner just before midnight.

Woke up early and headed down to the Teague for the last day. Got it wrapped up before we got towed from parking in the street out front. 
Said the goodbye and hug to Todd. He is a great fellow that we got to work with and I see us hanging out in the future. 
Down to the shop I go and return the tools and threw the garbage into the dump truck. Finished out my morning and off home I go to finish packing. 
Got it done and relaxed an hour away. We headed off to the airport and got the shuttle to the airport. We ate lunch at the food court. Matt and Phil showed up and we chatted away until time to board. 
We get on the Airbus 300 operated by Delta. On board we get fed. I watch some movies. "Whiskey Tango Foxtrot"

it was alright. Next up I watched "Point Break"

this was also good, a good remake in fact. Next up I watch the HBO Documentary called “Nothing Left Unsaid” about Gloria Vanderbilt and her son Anderson Cooper.

Interesting to say the least.
We crossed into the new day along this route..

Went down to work and worked the day away until I had to take a break to go to my dentist. She gave me a root canal and other odds and ends. I left there after over three hours on the chair. 
Back to work I go and work let into the evening.  Today we removed the plastic tent we had built. People were happy with the results. 
Headed home. Natasha arrived and we went over to FedEx to get our photos taken for a visa we might need for Tanzania. Then over to QFC to get my prescriptions that the good dentist had written up for me earlier. Then we went to the Gyro Hut for dinner. 
Packed a wee bit more. 

Headed on down to work again. Today we painted the trim and installed the gutter. Worked late again.


We went to Enat after Natasha came home.

Relaxed the evening away sorting out photos to put on Facebook for Mary.

Now a leaba.

Up and at them.

I left the house before 4 and brought my visiting family to the airport. Listened to the CD on the way down.

Unloaded the bags and said goodbye to Mary and Holly. I will miss the visitors. Up to the shop. Derek showed up and we cut the fillets pieces for the windows. Back to the job and worked on installing the fillet pieces for the dat. Spackled and caulked. Worked an hour over. 

I drove up to Cabelas to pick up my gloves. Went to North Face and bought 2 dry bags. Headed home.  

Natasha arrived and off to Tengu Sushi we go. We had the dinner there.

After we got home we checked the dry bags and one of them was miss packed and it was a small instead of a large. Bollicks.

We headed back up to the Exit 200 in the I-5. Returned the bag for the large one.. Stopped into Cabelas as well and returned my gloves as they were a wee small. I must buy gloves.


Woke up early/

Headed for the job. I set a goal today and worked at it until we got it done. Left there early and met Mary along with Holly at the Westlake Center area.

We went to the bank and took out $8,000 for the trip. Then over to McDonald’s for ice cream. Next we went to Nordstroms looking for Adidas items for Holly. No luck. We tried Pacific Place as well, nothing.

Headed for home and stopped into the mall so Mary could buy her new nurses outfits. Then we stopped into the Sports Authority looking for the Adidas to no avail, mainly because they were going out of business.  Next Big 5 to no avail either. Finally got a couple of leggings at TJ-Maxx.


I made the dinner and also sprayed the clothes with the bug poison for Africa. Ate dinner and dessert. Tony came in from next door with two Starbucks gift cards for Holly and Mary. A great neighbor indeed.

Now I hope to nap

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