I convinced Maura to do the hike up Croagh Patrick for her 50th birthday this day. drove Paul Mc home to Whitegate in the wee hours. We had a good chat. Then headed back to Scariff. Picked Mary up at Jackos and dropped Claire Mc home on the way back to Tulla.

the chat and a wee sleep.

Up and snuck out the door early. Headed for Bradford. Finally found the house of Maura. It had been years since I was here last. Her good man John got up to say hello to me before we headed out. Stopped off and picked up Geraldine down the road and then Fiona.

Off we head for Mayo stopping off to pick up some snacks on the way. We arrived at the foot of Croagh Patrick outside of Westport and got ready to do the walk. We head off. Fiona was wrecked from working nights last night with no sleep so she turned around after a while and headed back down to the car.

We continued on up the mountain. I always wanted to do this when I was a lad back here but thought it might be a tough one. Well all the way up was easy except for the loose rocks but overall a easy hike. We ate snacks at the top and took photos.

Back down we go and meet Fiona. We head off on the road.

We pull into Cong and do some walking around The Quiet Man Village. We went into Danagher’s Hotel Bar for the lunch.

Had a grand time in the town and headed out. We drove back along the road for a good while and stopped off at a place for the dinner. It was a nice place but I forget the name now. We had Maura’s 50th dinner here.

Back to Tulla we go and Gerry’s husband Tom picks up the girlies there. Back to Mary’s and we chat into the new day.