Woke up after a wee sleep.
Arraigned to meet Marie O down at the Tulla cross on the Ennis Road. We followed each other into Ennistymon. She parked and then we headed out to Doolin. Pulled into the Sea View House and met all the gang there. Chatted and had tea of course.

Bridget looked lovely of course too and seem relaxed. Brian was dapper. Time moved along and I changed into my last minute wedding clothes. Minutes before the start of the wedding Angela showed up I hugged her and held her close so the water in my eyes couldn’t be seen easily. I was so happy. Marie was there as well with Freddy. It was nice to meet him. He is a lovely lad on first impression and that will not go away of course either.  

I linked me Bridget after a while and we walked out to the waiting crown. This was my happy moment in Ireland 2016. I brought her up to Brian and Father Joe. I gave her away for all here.

The wedding went along great and I got to do a reading. Terry played away and people were happy. A great gathering and wedding. It was lovely that I got to be a part of this moment.

We headed over to Ennistymon to Byrne’s for the wedding dinner. Another great gathering up close of the people. Had a great time here for hours. And East Clare was represented well with a lot from Scariff.

I watched the Italy German European Cup play off on the telly with Mary and ate away.