Woke up early as I do. Packed up and snuck out of the house. Headed over to Shannon and dropped off the car. Checked in at the airport. Met Patricia O at the airport and we chatted for a bit. Also met Michelle there as she was working this day.

Boarded the Aer Lingus flight for London. Landed and roamed around Heathrow for a good while. It was a lonelly feeling being here without me Natasha as we have spent many hours here over the years. I did a sandwich, chips and cola from Booths.

Boarded the BA plane for Seattle. The flight went very quick and my Natasha was there to meet me. So happy to see her.

We went over to Sanjay for dinner. We met him there. He hadn’t changed much in all the years really. We had a good old chat about the old days.

Back home and unpacked a bit.

Glad to be home