Up and at them.

I left the house before 4 and brought my visiting family to the airport. Listened to the CD on the way down.

Unloaded the bags and said goodbye to Mary and Holly. I will miss the visitors. Up to the shop. Derek showed up and we cut the fillets pieces for the windows. Back to the job and worked on installing the fillet pieces for the dat. Spackled and caulked. Worked an hour over. 

I drove up to Cabelas to pick up my gloves. Went to North Face and bought 2 dry bags. Headed home.  

Natasha arrived and off to Tengu Sushi we go. We had the dinner there.

After we got home we checked the dry bags and one of them was miss packed and it was a small instead of a large. Bollicks.

We headed back up to the Exit 200 in the I-5. Returned the bag for the large one.. Stopped into Cabelas as well and returned my gloves as they were a wee small. I must buy gloves.