August 2016

Woke up tired this day.

Headed over to work in Sammamish for the day. Got more of the towers finished on the north side and then worked 0n the west head flashings for a while. Showed Blaine a lot if stuff today as well.


I will make another attempt to watch the film later on.


Woke up early and passed away the morning.

Back to Sammamish and got a lot done in spite of the lot being closed to paving.

Had planned to go for a run when I got home but I got lazy of course.

Natasha was out with the girls and we had a grand old chat as usual after her return.

Now I listen to Oasis and will go to the bed shortly.

Woke up early and passed away a lot of time before I headed out to work.

Sammamish again. Started at the 6am hour and worked all day through to close to 7.

Stopped off at ?Julie’s for a run on the way home. We ran her run around the neighborhood for two and a half miles.

Home and now after relaxing I will take on a movie in bed.

Woke up after a good sleep.

My Natasha made a great breakfast. We dined and chatted.

Passed away the day doing odds and ends .


We went to Costco for provisions.

Later on went down to COA for our 21st year anniversary dinner.


Now I will lay down and watch a movie or something.

Woke up early after a good sleep.

Went down to LFP Starbucks and met Julie. We chatted about many things and then headed out for a wee run. This is my first run this year where I am not having to focus on hiking a mountain and my first after about 30 miles combined all year.

We ran down the Burke Gilman and turned around after a good bit down. The conversation was as good and better than ever. We ran back up to the car area again for a total of 6 miles under our belts.

Went into Albertsons to take a chance at winning millions of dollars. Then another great chat. Then off home too my Natasha I go. I pick her up outside and we head over to Cinebarre. We go in to see “Suicide Squad”

We had the pizza and the movie was alright as well.


I baked some soda bread and dyed Natasha’s hair.

In the early evening we headed over to Sara and Mike’s house for the barbecue. Met a lot of different people there. Matt and Philippa showed up. So did Shane and we met his wife Cindy who is truly wonderful. Clay showed up later. Also Sean and Hannah were there with the kids. Ate a pile of great food followed by dessert.

Headed home later

Up and passed away the morning.

Headed on over to Sammamish. Worked on what I could with the aid of Blaine. Had a couple of meetings which slows down progress a lot.


Natasha arrived and we went to Tengu Sushi for dinner.

Home again and passed away the evening.


Up and at them.

Headed off to the Sammamish again. Worked on redo work for most of the day.


Natasha picked me up and we went over to PHO THAN BROTHERS for dinner. Had the veggie Pho. This is the first time in my life I ate Pho. It was alright but not so good for me and the sodium intake I am sure.

Home dessert.

Looked up stuff that we might do over the holiday weekend. 

Now what?

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