I woke early morning and lauded there for a long time. I used a gallon sized Ziploc bag to pee in and I was well hydrated it seemed as I had to pee three more times and nearly full the bag but enough about that. Oh not enough yet, a side effect of the altitude sickness medication is it us a diuretic. Now enough that.  Lay there for a few more hours before I finally took off my earplugs. It was raining down outside I discovered after I could hear. More pee. I turned on my phone to see the time and it was near 4am.
I lay around there for a few more hours. The camp started coming alive around 6am so I gave myself the baby wipe wash and went out to greet done if the others in different groups. Around 7:30 we went for our breakfast. We had eggs, tomato, pickle and bread. Also I went for peanut butter and jelly. Oh and a gwall of tea. In went the malaria and altitude sickness pills as well.
We left Lemosho Forest Camp and headed up and away. We walked through the forest until we came out into low brush for the rest of the day. Once we turned a curve up towards the end of the days hike we could see Kilimanjaro summit way off in the distance. This was a lovely treat to welcome us I to Shira 1 Camp.
We lay in the tent for a short while after the baby wipe wash. Then the call for lunch. We had leek soup with fried bread to start and then a pasta with peppers to fill us to the brim. We talked to McLeod during this time and he showed us lots of photos of his family. He truly is a very caring family man.
Back to the tent to relax for a bit. After nodding off for a wee but we lazed around chatting until dinner time. For dinner we had pumpkin soup, then rice and veggies and avocado. Ended up with the cup of tea. Oh I meant to mention earlier it didn’t rain last night like I though it did.
Back to the tent and went to sleep by 8pm.
Woke up just before midnight.