Woke up on and off throughout the night but managed to fall back to sleep thanks to the pill I guess.
Up and had the breakkie of porridge, omelets, cheese, pb&j with tea.  Matt’s asthma kicked in last night and he took a couple shots of the expired inhaler but he felt a wee improved but only a wee. Philippa’s sore throat was getting better and she was beginning to feel a lot better. Natasha on the other hand had a sore throat and she doesn’t do so good when she is ill.
We trudged out of camp uphill on a Rick scramble the whole way to 4200 meters before heading down and up for a long time. We stop for breaks and lunch. After a longish day of brilliant hiking we make it into Karanga Camp covered in dust.
Got ready and then we went to eat our lunch. Today’s lunch was omelet and chips (French fries). Also a pile of mixed veggies and a kind of Dutch toast. Matt and Philippa had chicken instead of the omelet. We sat around after lunch chatting for a while. Then back to the tent.
Passed away the afternoon into the evening and then time for dinner. We got Samuel to join us in the mess tent this night. For dinner we ate pumpkin soup and fried flour balls. Then rice and vegetables. The ginger tea as well. After dinner we chatted a bit.  Then tent time.  Togged off and crawled into the bags wearing next to nothing. Zzzzzzzzz