Woke up early.
Had an omelet for breakfast. We finished packing when we were done and then all of our porters and team sang us the Kilimanjaro song. We had tipped them already and they were happy. Finished up the last odds and ends at camp. Then we headed straight down the path at a good clip towards the exit gate.
This was a leg burner. We made the 10K walk in record time. We got to know a lot more about Tanzania and what it is like to live here from Samuel on the way out. He was a bit more talkative this day.
We met our team again here. Signed out at the office. We boarded the bus and headed down the road. Stopped off at the art/craft shop and bought a couple of things. Then we stopped off at McLeod’s house. Met mama Rose. She was lovely. Next over the road to the Mountain Inn.
We were met by Susan and Ashanti upon entrance. We tipped our Samuel and McLeod then off to our room, 301 again. Had a wonderful shower. The water was radiant hot and I took a double shower at once. Me hair was clean and un matted again. The water going down the drain was black.
Headed over for lunch next. I had veggie jalfrazie and Natasha had a veggie burger. Phil and Matt joined us later on and Louise from Shah came over to orientate us about our Safari tomorrow. Finished up and headed back to the room. 
We had our clothes already dropped off to be laundered and we picked up that. Arraigned our stuff into the dry bags and kept the stuff we are going to wear in the pull along bag. We are sort of organized now.
Headed over for dinner later on. We had the veggie kofta with potatoes for starter. Then tomato soup. Then the kofta with rice and finished up with ice cream. Reme Shah came over to talk with us about our adventure up the mountain. We told her how happy we were and mentioned about the Zips not working so great on the tents and McLeod should have a chair at camp for himself when we were asked about the negative side of the trip. We finished up and Natasha went over to pay for our days bill.
I had heard some people talking off to my right during dinner and they were Irish so I had to go and say hello. They were from Cork. A grand couple indeed and we’re living a good life. I eventually got away and into bed just after 11 pm.