Woke up after a nice sleep.
Another warm shower and then we went over for breakfast. Had an omelete, potatoes, pancakes, bread, muffin and a full of tea.
We went back to our cheetah room and packed up. Met Phil and Matt coming up towards us as for their breakfast. Once we were ready we went outside and straight away from the bushes came a fellow and a girl. They grabbed our bags and took them up to the Land Rover where Mtoo was waiting for us.
We hopped onboard and left the Olea African Lodge behind us. We drive along and in through Ngorogoro National Park and looked down into the crater. This was a sight to be seen. It was like its own ecosystem down there. Had a lot of life in what looked like a desert, a green area with water and what seemed to be salt flats. We get to drive through down there in a couple of days, can’t wait.
We continued up the hill padding natural green un tampered with jungles just as nature has being taken care if then for thousands of years. We entered The Serengeti National Park. I felt like a kid coming into this masterpiece of nature. We drive along so far padding giraffe, elephant and the like just like we’re passing farm animals back home.
We had our boxed lunch at the sign in office while Mtoo got the permits. We met some of the lads from the Mountain Inn who had done the hike and now safari. Chatted to them for a while. Bought some Coke Zero and Crunchies at the gift shop. Met two women from Connecticut, they were doing the safari. Met another fellow from Florida who had don the hike as well. He spent the last year in Africa. Uganda and here. He goes back to medical school in a couple of weeks.  I did the wee hike up onto Rocky Hill. A little better lookout from up there. Also a lot if reptiles sunning themselves on the warm rocks. Back down and talked to a woman from New York and a couple from France. Finally we got the permits. This took over two hours.
We drive through the Serengeti seeing all types of animals. Along with the usual ones we saw gazelles, heart beast, topi, warthogs and even a leopard eating a kill. Speaking about which we saw a pride of lions staking out a herd of elephants. The big bull elephant let out a deep trumpeting sound that rattled your bones. The lions moved away and kept their distance. We saw hyenas along the route at dusk.This was just amazing here.
We made our way to the Kati Kati Camp late. Then seemed to be some confusion and we were to go to a different camp by the same name. A fellow came with us to show us the way. We drive through the dark night through dirt tracks and even making our own roads for ages and ages until we finally stumbled upon the camp. We were just in time for dinner so a quick was and sat down. Tonight we had sweet potatoes, French beans and carrots, rice and beans. To start we had pumpkin soup followed by a beet salad. Dessert was a coconut cake with a wedge of water melon. A cup if tea ended the night.
Then we were led down a grassy path by the fellow. He was shining his flashlight into the bush and tall grass checking for hyena and jackal. A lion let our a roar before we took this walk. Anyway we arrived at our tents. They were not bad actually. We walk inside and there is a big bed with lockers at each side, a writing desk with a big mirror, a sink, a western toilet and a shower. The wind made it rattle and shake but it will be fun.
Did the nightly duties and fell asleep right away. Oh the beds were heavily blanketed do we were warm as feck.