Woke up after about seven hours of sleep. Lay there listening g to the sounds of the Serengeti outside and the rattle of the tented camp in the low wind. I did fall back asleep for a wee bit more.
The fellow came by in the morning for the shower time. Basically he hoisted up buckets of warm water outside and we stood under it on the inside as it came through the shower head. This was different but funny.
We got up and went for breakfast. Had an omelet with potatoes, toast, a slab of cheese and copious amounts of tea. We finished up and got our lunch to go box filled. Today we could decide what we want in it. We left camp and headed out to see what the day would bring.
So today brought cheetah waiting for a kill. More cheetahs along the way. A lovely lad from Kerry. Hippos in and out of the pond. Warthog again. Zebras and storks. More wildebeest and then water buffalo. dik-dik antelope. More giraffe. Water buffalo by the hundreds. Hippos in the hippo pond and many places throughout the day. Baboons and gazelle.
We stopped off for our picnic at the hippo pond earlier. Met some nice people from Germany there. For lunch we had veggie and cheese sandwiches. Pancake and banana which we had chosen earlier. Cake and water as well.
Many more animals to be seen after that. Again we just drive by like they are farm animals back home. Like a leopard sleeping on a tree branch. It was a she as females sleep with all four legs dangling off the branch. The males hind legs wouldn’t as their bollix would be uncomfortable.
We made our way back to camp. Tried to take a Christmas photo but it was too awkward. We went up for a cup of tea and sat out front drinking it. Matt joined us followed by Philippa a bit later. We sat there for a long time. Talked with a girl from England for a while. She was from Yorkshire and married to a fellow from Surrey. They lived in Suffolk and have two kids. One son who was back home and their daughter Annie who was here with them. I was trying to get a shave from Annie as she had already shaved her dad earlier today. Her mam put me up to it of course.  Mtoo joined us for a while as well. Then time for dinner arrived.
We went in and sat together. Mtoo agreed we could find a place tomorrow to take our photo for the card. For dinner we had rice with lentils, cabbage and roast potatoes. The salad was mixed vegetables. The soup was pumpkin. The dessert was a chocolate mousse and a wedge of water melon. We talked here until bed time.