Woke up after what appeared like seven hours sleep. Listened to the hyenas baboons and birds outside. Packed up the bag and headed over for breakfast.
Phil Matt and Mtoo showed up and we dined. Today veggie omelet, potatoes, beans, toast and tea. Packed up the boxed lunch and we headed out of camp.
We passed wildebeests, giraffe, hyenas, gazelles, ostrich and the like along the way. We saw some cheetahs off the beaten track and went up close to them. They were a sight to be seen.
Made our way out to the gate in about ninety minutes. We waited here for thirty minutes while Mtoo got the paperwork. We went and had tea with cookies. Back on the road again we go. 
Drove along and got down to the Ngorongoro Crater in good time. We drove down into it as planned. We saw zebra, wildebeest, warthogs, tall cranes down by the salt lake which was a lake indeed. It look led like salt flats from above a few days ago. We continue to see different breeds of cranes, hippos as well. Oh and a crossword favorite the ibis.
Saw two lions laying on the side of the road under the shade of a safari jeep. Saw the Corey bustard. Saw the elusive rhino just before lunch. Now we have seen the "Top Five". Oh and I forgot to mention we saw pink flamingos earlier. Also saw the bones of a water buffalo who was killed about a week ago 
Are our picnic at a pond where the hippos were cooling down. Talked to a fine German family for a wee bit. Went to see the sleeping lions that were close by to the picnic site. They were passed out in the sun. .
Finished out the day in the hole by seeing hundreds and hundreds of the same animals all living together. The lions were all over the place but sleeping for the most past. Saw another rhino off in the distance as well.  
Exited up the long high hill out of the crater. It was like riding an amusement park ride really with high drops that got much higher with each switchback of the road. Got to the top safe at least. They had put kind of like cobblestones on the road two years ago so the run up was allowed to be quicker than a dirt road like we took down to the bottom of the crater.
Drove out to the gate and waited a few minutes for Mtoo to get the paperwork sorted. Watched the many many baboons frolicking about as our entertainment to pass the time. 14K to our lodge but we stop off at a shop to buy the crafts on the way. A fellow wanted fifty bucks for a bowl we had and I offered him seven. He wouldn’t take it but wouldn’t let me leave until I made a more sincere offer. I offered  him eight dollars and he let me leave.
Drove back to the Olea African Safari Lodge. Met some of the same people who work here that we met the last time we were here. The hot towels were given to us to wash off then a glass of orange juice. We got the elephant room this time. Matt and Philippa got the Kiki room. The elephant room was the same as the cheetah room. We unpacked and then had the warm showers.
Headed up to the restaurant for dinner. Mtoo joined us as well. We ate guacamole with a piece of bread. Then pumpkin soup. For dinner we had potatoes, carrots, cauliflower, mixed fried veggies, spaghetti and peas in a tomato sauce. Stuffed. Oh and for dessert we had cake with a custard cream sauce over it. We chatted away and then all the staff started singing a song and clapping. They were bringing a cake in fir someone’s birthday I presumed. The song was great. They kept coming through the restaurant until they stopped at our table and gave us the cake. It was a welcome back to the lodge cake. Such a nice thing to do really. We ate another dessert then.
Headed back to Elephant stuffed. I lit the fire and watched the flames flickering until I fell asleep.