Up and at them.

Headed over to Fast Flashings and picked up the 90 degree metal flashing I had ordered yesterday. Went down to the shop and picked up the Fast Flashing and headed over to 365 Bellevue.

Worked on waterproofing the curbs under the storefronts. Went to Ponti’s for tea and World Wraps for lunch. Met Charlie, Marvin, Quinn, Juan, Gerome and Jacob here today.

Back to the shop once I got done. Talked to Jack for a wee bit and then headed home. When Natasha arrived we headed off for Cle Elum. We got the the “Swiftwater Cellars” and got our entrance tickets to see “Aerosmith Rocks” in concert. We met Chuck there and listened to them as we walked around the venue.

Bumped into Craig and his family there. Met his son daughter wife mom and dad. Niece and her good girlfriend as well. We chatted to them for a while and then went back to the concert. The band put on a great performance actually.

When the show was over we headed back to Chuck’s place. Went inside and met Greg, his good woman Sue was gone to bed. We watched the Olympics for a while. Then we went out to play pool.

Headed to bed in the trailer for the night.