Woke up early and headed out the door. Got to the shop before 3:30. Dave was there. Soon after Scott showed up we introduced ourselves. Blaine showed up soon after. We had to get the ball rolling and make calls to get this to start. Finally we got the GO.

Headed up to K2 and met with the installers there. Jeff and Tim showed up as well. We unloaded all the slot panels from the truck and brought them upstairs. After a few hours we got finished and headed back to the shop. I got Blaine to go over to the Sammamish job and Dave with myself got the shop up to safety par.

I brought the truck over to the sign company to get measured up for the new logo. Stopped into Atlas to pick up some more TF tape for the Sammamish job tomorrow. Met a new girl working there. Tiffany, she was probably one of the nicest people I have met in such a long time. We had a good old chat and I had to go.

Back to the shop and finished out my day.

Returned my backpack to the UPS to deliver back for me.


Had planned to run but just couldn’t get motivated to do it.
Natasha came home and we ate a healthy dinner but lots the game on over eating a pile of dessert.

Did talk to Bridget, Grace, Eamon and Marie O on the phone today along with my Natasha.

Bought tickets to go and see Alan Doyle in November at the Tractor.