September 2016

Up and at them.

Sammamish again.

Got the Phase 2 ready to go along with my day of labor.


We went over to Subway for a sandwich and then into a movie at Thornton Place. We saw “Deepwater Horizon”

Feck it was good. Kept you on the edge of your seat. Very well made.

Stopped into the QFC like one does. Met Mike the new fellow working there. Great attitude.




Another wake up as usual.

Headed back to the same place as I have being going.

another day of labor under the belt or in the books at least. Oh and also literally in the books.

Our offer for the place in Easton wasn’t accepted. We will continue our search.


Went for a run down and around the park three times and back again.


Made dinner.


Woke up after a grand sleep.
Got off to the Sammamish after hours and hours of passing time.

Worked on the job for the day Chuck came by for the visit.



I went up and ran around the park twice and home again for a three mile run..


We submitted an offer on the house in Easton today.

Up and at them.

Sammamish for more of the same.


Went down to the lake to meet with Julie for a wee run around it.

Bought some lottery tickets on the way home.

Chatted to Natasha about the property we are looking at. Offer went in and now we wait.


Woke up early.

Headed out to the job after the day got moving. Worked with the lads who came to help me. Got Ken going with the Enershield. Brandon came out and I walked him through for a while. Then he took off with Chuck.

Worked late into the evening. Met the Natasha down in Issaquah and we took off for Easton. Met the Betty and she took us in to see two of the houses we were looking at to buy. The second one was the one we preferred and we will put  in an offer pretty soon.

We said our goodbyes after many hours and headed back West. Stopped into Issaquah for a Subway before taking the road for home.



Woke up after a grand rest indeed last night. Gave Phil a back massage while I was without clothes.

Snacked away the AM. Then Philippa, Matt and meself went out for a run. We ran around Lost Lake until we reached 3-1 miles or a 5K.

Back home for the shower and pack the bags. Natasha and I went back out to the Sunday Market and bought some stull to take home with us. Back to the 311 and finished out our trip. Cara came home before we left.

Stopped into the busy Costco on the way out and ended up get some cola from the vending machine and headed off for the border.

Crossing went quickly and we were back to the Law Office in no time at all. I passed away the time looking at properties for sale east of the mountains and many other things.

We stopped into Safeway on the way home for a few provisions. Then home and ate the dinner.

This weekend I ate all kinds of shit. I will start a healthier lifestyle tomorrow if I am still alive.

13 weeks until Christmas from today.

Woke up early.
Passed away the morning for a long time. Had the breakkie. Headed on out for a run. Natasha came out for a walk as well. I walked her to the top of the steps and then took off. I ran on down to and around the golf course counterclockwise as I knew I would cross paths with me Natasha doing it that way. We met and a quick chat. Then I ran on and back until I caught up to her again after completing a 5.67 mile run.

We chatted our way back to the village and stopped into Starbucks for the breakkie. Then wandered back up to the condo 311. Talked to the gang there for a wee bit. Then Matt, Philippa, Natasha and meself headed down to the Imagine Theatre to see “The Magnificent Seven”

Well feck it was a great remake.

We headed back along the streets stopping into the stores. Then over to the “Dubh Linn Gate” for lunch. Ate a grand meal and chatted to a fellow running waitress who was truly nice.

Back to the condo and passed away the evening chatting with the gang. We ordered a pizza for dinner and started watching the original “Magnificent Seven” movie. 

We were all falling asleep so off to the beds in dribs and drabs we go.



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