Woke up early.
Headed to the shop. Picked up the scanner and headed to Tacoma. Met Brian at Hilltop. Jacob and Scott were also there. I scanned the floor on the wall lines for sink drains to go through. Got done quick and headed back to the shop. Worked on the report and billing for a while.

Headed on down to Atlas to pick up some Enershield primer. Talked to a few people there as I usually do. Amy let me know about the barbecue I told her I was a vegetarian and she said they had veggie burgers. Happy days. I ate the burger and some potato salad with a cola. Talked some more before I left.

Headed for home. Passed away some time and me pal Bridget P came by for the visit. We had a grand chat and the like. I made some bread and Bridgie took note. Time to depart arrived and I was left alone. Alone til me Natasha arrived and we headed down to Teatro Zinzanny to see their latest show.

Parked and went inside. Tonight’s show was “Hotel L’Amour”

It wasn’t their typical show and yet it was brilliant. Well worth a visit. Had the grand five course dinner as we watched, listened and danced to great voices, music, trapeze, juggling, magic and the like. The fat lady sang and it was all over.

Left there happy and made it home in an alright middle of the week time.